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One Way Rentals

Save precious time, see more of Europe!
With immediate effect, we offer one way rentals within Germany and many locations within Europe.

One Way Rentals within Germany

One Way Rentals are possible with a minimal rental period of 1 week:

  1. The bike would have to be picked up in Frankfurt and can be left at any location within Germany
  2. Alternatively, your bike can be delivered to any location within Germany and left in Frankfurt

The additional rental fee for one way rentals is 200.00 € per pick-up.

One Way Rentals within Europe

This is possible from a minimum rental period of 2 weeks onwards. The bike can be left in many major cities within Europe.

The additional fee for one way rental in Europe is 250.00 € per pick-up.

Price example in …

  • Salzburg: 390.00 €
  • Athens: 550.00 €
  • Milan: 390.00 €
  • Florence: 450.00 €
  • Malaga: 550.00 €
  • Rom: 590,00 €
  • Paris: 400,00 €

Please tell us your requirements and we will make you an offer tailored for your needs!