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General terms and conditions of contract

All rentals are subject to the terms and conditions on the back of the rental contract. The following conditions also apply.

Rental Rates

Rental rates include servicing, road tax and oil change. Rental rates do not include, petrol and insurance of personal belongings. Mileage calculations always begin at the rental station. Reservations for particular vehicle types will be accepted, but can only be guaranteed for that particular price group.

Reservations can only be made with a deposit of 30% of the expected rental cost and a minimum of € 50,-


If the booking is cancelled at least 42 days prior to the beginning of the rental period, the downpayment will be refunded in fullness minus a cancellation fee of 60 €. If the booking is cancelled at least 48 hours but less than 42 days prior to the beginning of the rental period the downpayment will not be refunded. If the booking is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the beginning of the rental period the price for the entire rental will be payable in full.

Insurance (Bikes)

Your motorcycle is covered by an unlimited third party insurance (personal damage limited to € 3,8 mio ). There is also a fire, theft, glass and wild animal insurance, covered with an excess limit of

  • € 1.500,-­ (Group 1-3)
  • € 2.500,-­ (Group 4-10)

is applied.
In each case of damage to the rental vehicle an excess maximum of

  • € 1.500,-­ (Group 1-3)
  • € 2.500,-­ (Group 4-10)

Damages to tyres, tow away and contravention of paragraph 11 of the rental contract are not covered by the insurance and will be charged to the customer.

Reduction of Deductable

You have the possibility of reducing the deductable down to €350 in case of damage to the bike. The additional cost will be

  • € 10,-­ (Group 0)
  • € 15,-­ (Group 1-3)
  • € 20,-­ (Group 4-5)
  • € 25,-­ (Group 6-10)

for each new rental day (1 rental day = 24 hours). This separate Insurance has to be contracted at the beginning of the rental and does not reduce the deductable in case of theft of the bike.

The deductable reduction is possible from a minimum rental period of 3 days onwards.

Tow and rescue costs are to be paid by the renter.

Terms of payment

We require payment in advance for the rental period. Prolongation of the rental period can only be made with further advance payment. We accept all major credit cards VISA, EURO, MASTER, DINERS, AMEX and JCB.

Delivery and pick-up

In case of delivery or pick-up we change €1,20.- per km or minimum of €35.- including tax.


Every customer is asked to pay a deposit between € 1500.- to € 2,500.- upon pick-up. Payment can be made with credit card or cash.

Speeding Tickets & Fines

The hiring person takes full responsibility over the costs for any given speeding tickets, toll fines, parking tickets or any fine for that mather. The offense forwarded to us by the police will be charged on the credit card given to us during your rental. The costs to be covered are the fine and a 30€ service fee.”

What we need from you

When renting you need to bring a valid driving license, your I.D. card or passport with proof of address as well as the advance payment.

Prices include comprehensive and fire and theft insurance with an excess limit of € 1500.- (group 1-3); or € 2500.- (group 4-10). Deposit: for each motorcycle there must be a deposit. Effective January 1st 2017. All rates in € incl. 19% V.A.T.Rates are subject to change without notice.